Solutions for Colorado Real Estate, LLC
"Fort Data designed and implemented a web database system that is now the center of our business operations. It has greatly improved our productivity, with a ROI of less than a year. In addition, the secure VPN they implemented has given us seamless, secure access to all of our critical data from our remote and home office locations." -Mark Creek, CEO

Huston Graphics, Inc.
"We were getting killed by spam, hundreds a day. With Fort Data's spam blocker, it's no longer an issue."
-Luke Burton, Owner

All Property Services, Inc.
"Our company has always believed that backing up critical data on a consistent basis was of the utmost importance for not only our company's operations, but also for all of our clients data. Over the years, our company has used the usual backup formats and procedures - floppy disks, Zip disks, CD's, DVD's, staying late every night for daily backups, coming in on the weekends to make weekly backups, taking disks home each evening, making special trips to the banks, safety deposit box. None of these methods have offered the safety, security, ease of operation, piece of mind and automatic operation benefits that the Fort Data backup service has provided to our company.
The service automatically records all changes to data files on our entire server every night after normal working hours and emails us a report the following morning to confirm that the backup was completed successfully. As a protection against fire, natural disasters, hardware failures and human errors, we believe the off-site data backup service provided by Fort Data is by far the best solution for any company concerned with data loss or data protection. Fort Data has earned the trust of our company and I would recommend the service to any company or organization. " -Paul Lillie, President

Fresco Electric, LLC
"Fort Data developed a custom website that was affordable and tied in with our existing marketing design. Their hosted calendar has saved us on expensive licensing and made our staff more efficient, and our spam has been reduced to almost zero. I would recommend them for their hosted and on-site IT services."
-Paul Knapp, President

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